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As filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 10, The Republic of Argentina. 5202 of Financial Representative of Argentina. New York, New York Approximate date of commencement of proposed sale to the public: From time to time after this registration statement becomes effective. Location or Heading in Prospectus. Table of Contents The information in this prospectus is not complete and may be changed. The Republic may not sell. This prospectus is not an offer to sell these securities and it is not soliciting an offer.

Offers to exchange its.

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Terms of the Offers. You should read this prospectus carefully. You should not assume that the information in this prospectus is accurate as of any catamaca other than the date on the front of this prospectus.

The Republic is not making an offer to exchange New Bonds for Bonds in any jurisdiction where the offers are not permitted. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.

Defined Terms and Certain Conventions. Presentation of Statistical and Other Information. Enforcement of Civil Liabilities.

Summary of The Offers.

Description actamarca the New Bonds. Validity of the Securities. Tables and Supplemental Information. Catamagca broker-dealer that receives New Bonds for its own account pursuant to the offers must acknowledge that it will deliver a prospectus in connection with any resale of those New Bonds.

This prospectus, as it may be amended or supplemented from time to time, may be used by a broker-dealer in connection with resales of New Catmaarca received in exchange for Bonds where those Bonds were acquired catamsrca that broker-dealer as a result of market-making activities or other trading activities. The Republic has agreed that, for a period of days after the expiration date of the offers, broker-dealers shall be authorized to deliver or, to the extent permitted by law, make available this prospectus for use in connection catamarcaa any resale of that sort.

The terms set forth below have the following meanings for purposes of this prospectus:. For purposes of this prospectus, the following terms, which refer to various public debt instruments, have catamacra meanings set forth below:. Bonds issued caramarca the Provincial Development Fund to restructure debt obligations of the provinces.

These bonds are guaranteed by the Government and secured by a pledge of certain provincial tax revenues. Table of Contents Preservation of Defenses. Nothing in this prospectus, or in any communication from the Republic, constitutes an acknowledgment or admission of the existence of any claim or any liability of the Republic to pay that claim or an acknowledgment that any ability to bring proceedings in any jurisdiction in respect of such claim or any limitation period relating thereto has been revived or reinstated, or an express or implied promise to pay any such claim or part thereof.

All defenses available to the Republic relating to any applicable statute of limitations or otherwise are expressly preserved for all purposes. By tendering Bonds a holder will represent, warrant le agree that it has received this prospectus. The Republic will make paper copies of the prospectus available to holders of Bonds through the agent appointed by the Republic for the purposes of these offers.

You may also obtain paper copies of the prospectus by contacting the Luxembourg listing agent at its address specified on the inside back cover of this prospectus.

Exchange Rates and Exchange Controls. The Republic publishes most of its economic indicators and other statistics in pesos. The peso has since floated freely with limited intervention by the Central Bank, and the nominal exchange rate experienced moderate variations. Table of Contents Exchange Rates.

There can be no assurance that the peso will not depreciate or appreciate in the future. Currency conversions, including conversions of pesos into U. As of March 7,the peso-dollar reference exchange rate was Ps. In response to the deterioration of the Argentine economy and financial system inthe inability of the Republic to service its public external indebtedness and the decreased level of deposits in the financial system, the Government issued Decree No.


The DJAI was a precondition for the importer to gain access to the foreign exchange market to pay for imported products, which was, in effect, a material barrier to the import of goods into Argentina, as any alternative method of payment significantly increased the costs of such transactions.

In response, an unofficial U. Following an initial set of measures adopted in December with the aim of increasing capital inflows, the Government and the Central Bank introduced additional measures to eliminate a significant portion of the restrictions affecting the trade balance.

Totals in some tables in this prospectus may differ from the sum of the individual items in those tables due to rounding. Information in this prospectus that is identified as being derived from a publication of the Republic or one of its respective agencies or instrumentalities is included as public official statements made on the authority of the Republic. Certain statistical information included in this prospectus is preliminary and is subject to change, completion or amendment.

Although this new methodology was expected to bring inflation statistics closer to those estimated by private sources, differences between official inflation data and private estimates remained.

The INDEC suspended publication of certain statistical data pending reorganization of its technical and administrative structure to recover its ability to produce reliable statistical information. Table of Contents methodology to calculate inflation. The INDEC is currently implementing a number of measures to produce reliable statistical information that include, among others, investments in basic statistical collection procedures, the expansion of social statistics and the strengthening of economic development statistics.

In this context, the INDEC is planning a series of initiatives that are expected to improve the reliability of basic statistics, including conducting a national household expenditure survey for the periodextending the basket of goods and prices covered to include locations across Argentina previously limited to the greater Buenos Aires area for purposes of calculating CPI, a mining census inan economic activity census and an agricultural census inin all cases to be carried out prior to next national census scheduled for In relation to the revision and production of historical statistical information, in particular related to poverty, the INDEC, in its September Incidence Report on Poverty and Indigence, states that it continues to have reservations with respect to statistical series between January and Decemberexcept for any information that has been restated in the relevant reports.

Accordingly, reports on poverty and indigence levels for the missing periods and dates cannot be reconstructed primarily to the lack of reliable data for the relevant periods and as of the relevant dates. CERs are units of account whose value in pesos is indexed to consumer price inflation. Table of Contents calculate the CER. The nominal amount of a CER-based financial instrument is converted to a CER-adjusted amount and interest on the financial instrument is calculated on the CER-adjusted balance.

CVSs are units of account whose value in pesos is determined based on changes in an index of public and private sector wages.

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The nominal amount of a CVS-based financial instrument is converted to a CVS-adjusted amount and interest on the financial instrument is calculated on the CVS-adjusted balance. The rate of inflation or inflation rate provides an aggregate measure of the rate of change in the prices of goods and services in the economy. The inflation rate is generally measured by the rate of change in the CPI between two periods unless otherwise specified.

The annual percentage rate of change in the CPI as of a particular date is calculated by comparing the index as of that date against the index as of the date twelve months prior. The Republic is a sovereign state. Consequently, it may be difficult for investors or a trustee to obtain, or realize in the United States or elsewhere upon, judgments against the Republic.

In addition, as described below, pursuant to Argentine law, many assets of the Republic are entitled to immunity from attachment or foreclosure, including all funds dedicated to the payment of expenditures approved as part of the national budget.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Republic will irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any New York state or U. The Republic will irrevocably and unconditionally waive, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection that it may have to Related Proceedings brought in a Specified Court whether on the grounds of venue, residence or domicile or on the ground that the Related Proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum except for any Related Proceedings relating to the securities laws of the United States or any state thereof.

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This waiver of sovereign immunity constitutes only a limited and specific waiver for the purpose of the New Bonds and under no circumstances shall it be interpreted as a general waiver by the Republic or a waiver with respect to proceedings unrelated to the New Bonds. The Republic reserves the right to plead sovereign immunity under the FSIA with respect to actions brought against it under the U. A judgment obtained against the Republic in a foreign court may be enforced in the courts of Argentina.

Based on existing law, the courts of Argentina will enforce such a judgment in accordance with the terms and conditions of the treaties entered into between Argentina and the country in which the judgment was issued.

In the event there are no such treaties, the courts of Argentina will enforce the judgment if it:. This ruling was based on the fact that enforcement as requested by the plaintiff would imply that such plaintiff, through an individual action filed before a foreign court, fatamarca circumvent the public debt restructuring process set forth by the Government through emergency legislation enacted in accordance with the Argentine Constitution after the debt securities subject to the foreign judgment were issued.

In addition, the Supreme Court of Argentina held that such norms were part of Argentine public policy and, therefore, that the enforcement of a foreign judgment, as the one sought by the plaintiff, could not be granted as it would be clearly contrary to caramarca legislation.

This prospectus contains forward-looking statements. Therefore, undue reliance should not be placed on such statements.

Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. The Republic undertakes no obligation to update any of them in light of new information or future events. Lej statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties. A number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statement.

Catamarrca information contained in this prospectus identifies important factors that could cause such cstamarca. Such factors include, but are not limited to:. The following summary highlights information contained elsewhere in this prospectus.

Locale Data Summary for sr_Latn [Serbian (Latin)]

It is not complete and may not contain all of the information that you should consider before deciding to tender catamaca Bonds for New Bonds. The Republic encourages you to read this prospectus in its entirety.

The form 50222 terms of the New Bonds, Caramarca Bonds, New Bonds and New Bonds, are the same as the form and terms of the Bonds, Bonds, Bonds and Bonds, respectively, except that the New Bonds, New Bonds, New Bonds and New Bonds, because they have been registered under the Securities Act, are not subject to transfer restrictions and will, therefore, not bear legends restricting their transfer.

The form and terms of the New Bonds and New Bonds are the same as the form and terms of the Bonds and Bonds, respectively, except that the New Bonds and New Bonds, because they have been registered under the Securities Act, are not subject to leg restrictions and will, therefore, not bear legends restricting their transfer.

Holders of January Bonds may tender their bonds only in a principal amount of U.

In addition, after completion of the offers, none of the New Bonds will be entitled to the contingent increases in the interest rate provided by the Registration Rights Agreements. Rule A GZ7. Rule A GQ7. Rule A GS3. Rule A GU8. Rule A HD5. Resale of the New Bonds.

If any of the foregoing is not true and you transfer any New Bond without delivering a prospectus meeting the requirements of the Securities Act or without an exemption from the registration requirements of the.