Brecht and Weill’s Mahagonny has had a troubled history. and Kurt Weill’s vituperative musical satire Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. The songs, considered in order, tell a skeletal story similar to that of the opera Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny. As renowned Weill scholar David Drew. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Mahagonny on Discogs.

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The four friends arrive in Mahagonny, only to find other disappointed travelers already leaving.

Weill was the extraordinarily gifted pupil of Ferruccio Busoni, the German-Italian virtuoso pianist and composer. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Fatty is at the defense table and Trinity is outside, selling tickets for the proceedings — five bucks a pop. Drinking, eating, fighting, whoring — the way of life in the liberated Mahagonny in the second act — are ordinary sights in quiet market towns come Saturday night, as they were in Weimar Berlin.

Everyone thinks they deserve a place in heaven. mahagomny

Decadence and Decay: Kurt Weill’s ‘Mahagonny’

Fighting, lovemaking, eating and getting drunk are the main goals of the men of Mahagonny. Views Read Edit View history. Bertolt Brecht Opera Classical music. The opera had its premiere in Leipzig in March and played in Berlin in December of the following year. Musically, it requires singers with truly operatic voices who can also work effectively with a popular style of music.

Alabama Song Excerpt from the ” Alabama Song ” as sung in act 1, scene 2. The men declare a four-part recipe for the high life: To be able to use Universal Edition in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. The name of the city itself is a hybrid of the English word mahogany and its German language equivalent, Mahagoni.


Does he wish her to wear her hair up or down, to wear fancy underwear or none at all? At night, Jim alone and chained to a lamppost, sings a plea for the sun not to rise on the day of his impending trial. Jim, chastened, asks only for a glass of water, but is refused even this as Moses gives the signal for the trap to be sprung.

Eating, Lovemaking, Fighting and Drinking. Leipzig was the hallowed ground of German musical culture, and the Gewandhaus Orchestra was being soiled by association.

For the sake of human satisfaction, nothing should be forbidden: Moses does not reply. The men sing a chorale over his krt, saluting “a man without fear”. The action is set in a fictional American city, but it’s reminiscent of Weimar, Germany. When the time comes for love, the men line up outside the Mandalay brothel, where Leocadia Begbick advises them to spit out their gum, wash their hands, and make sure to give the women a civil greeting.

Other notable productions in Europe from the s included the March presentation by the Scottish Opera in Glasgow; a June production in Florence by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. Another is, surely, Weimar Germany.

Jim, increasingly drunk, dreams of sailing back to Alaska. Brecht and Weill left Germany, separately, after the burning of the Reichstag in It is indeed a matter of creating the new genre that will deal with the utterly different expressions of life in our time in an appropriate form.

Trinity Moses Otto Katzameier ….

When Brecht met Weill: a dazzling but doomed partnership | Stage | The Guardian

He was happy with the idea that Mahagonny should be classified weilll an opera, albeit one that addressed demotic audiences in a fresh, crisp and accessible style — as exemplified in the gravel voice of his wife Lotte Lenya. It was performed before the war a couple of times more, notably in Berlin, and then disappeared. Its characteristic sound is a small orchestra, heavy on the brass and wind, a banjo and a guitar at work. He would keep to all these precepts.


Jimmy is abruptly sobered up when Begbick demands payment for the whiskey as well as for the damage to her property.

Mahagonny: the opera that Hitler hated

Mahagonny was at first turned down for a premiere in Berlin. At the top of Act Three, Jimmy tenor Christopher Ventris has been arrested and chained to a lamp post. They arrive singing the familiar “Alabama Song.

Fatty the Bookkeeper and Trinity Moses. Now, the widow Begbick decides they should stop and found their own city — a place where they can entice prospectors into spending their money. Kurt Weill wrote to UE maahagonnyduring his work on Mahagonny: For the Mahagonny-Songspielsee Mahagonny-Songspiel. It was first performed on 9 March at the Neues Theater in Leipzig. Jimmy MacIntyre sung by tenor Christopher Ventris suffers an unfortunate fate when he cannot pay his debts.

Mahagonny-Songspiel – Wikipedia

The work was staged in a boxing ring. Weiol men sing of the four pleasures of life: In the brothel scene in act 2 of Mahagonnythe choir sings a “Song von Mandelay”. Weill first went to Paris and then to New York, where he had a successful career on Broadway.

All three are fugitives, wanted for bank fraud and white-slaving. Potential publishers found the work “depraved” — much of the action takes place in beer halls and bordellos, and its characters are an irreverent bunch to say the least.

As Begbick and the men ponder Jimmy’s philosophy, Fatty and Moses rush in with news: The first performance at the genteel Baden-Baden Festival in caused a booing-and-cheering sensation that inspired Brecht and Weill to develop the cantata into something full-blown.

And no one will show you the trick. He consumes two entire calves, and before long he has literally eaten himself to death.