Keep Holding On has ratings and reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader said: “If I’d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I. Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti. This bestselling teen novel focuses on the consequences of bullying and teen suicide, dedicated to Tyler Clementi. Susane Colasanti was born and grew up in a small town in New Jersey. She is an only child. During middle and high school she got picked on.

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Nonetheless, the story is touching. This book broke my heart in a hundred and sixty-five different ways.

After her fallout with Matt comes a turning point the story. It’s one that will move readers as much as it will inspire them. Caught between her miserable existence at school and a home life that is at best impoverished and at worst abusive, Noelle believes if she can just keep her head down, she can escape to the city, where her life will really begin.

Aj the Ravenous Reader. Instead of being super annoyed with Noelle, my heart went out to her. Apr 24, Amanda Good Choice Reading rated it it was ok.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

Her emotions are vivid. Everyone knows at least one bully in their school. She has a huge heart that has been trampled on, but she never gives up. This is what defines who we become, and I would not change a thing about my life today!

But now this review is turning into a rant and I didn’t mean for that to happen. Nov 07, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Noelle has a pretty rough go of it and is hanging on by a thread. Wow that is not what I expected.


She was an extremely strong and admirable character. She has had feelings for him forever, ohlding thinks he is too good for her. She could also be very shallow at times, especially when it came to Ali, kee; fellow bully-victim.

I wish she could’ve been my science teacher.

Keep Holding On

Periods come once a month. What is wrong with Noelle’s mom? Why do I say that? It just hit me hard.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti Book Reviews

I mean, I did feel sorry for her and don’t want her to live like that, but she’s not a very likable character for me. We have to realize that this girl is stifled in a life of depression and shame, her irrational decisions are due to an unconscious defense mechanism.

Another hypocritical sort of thing she did was make fun of one of her teachers for wearing the same pair of pants twice in one week, but then turns around and complains that she only has 5 long-sleeve shirts that she has to alternate between – because of lack of money.

It felt like there was too much going on but none of it was developed enough. She never fails to write such a beautiful book that always conveys such a great message. Her emotionally distant boyfriend, Matt, isn’t the one she really wants to be with. I definitely recommend it! The romance in this is very underwhelming. This is what defines who we become, and I would not change a thing about hodling life today! When Julian starts talking to her, Noelle is terrified. Keep Holding On is a story that was written vree the heart and should be on ever tween and teen’s mandatory to-be-read pile!


With each book I read by Susane Colasanti the bigger fan I become of her work. Already have an account?

Even though this list makes the novel sound like a tear-breaker, Keep Holding On is so much more. That they didn’t seek help and want things to get better enough to do something about it.

I liked Sherae a lot, too. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. We are all searching for those lights that will lead us from the darkness.

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Meeting characters like Noelle makes me believe again that I should keep holding on and never give up. The more you know about issues like sex, relationships, waiting, and contraception, the better prepared you will be to make informed choices for your future. How did her editor not realize that a truly hungry person would never react like this?

He was always giving Noelle compliments or talking to her about things she loves, and then Susane nails bullying on the head. When Noelle witnesses another bullied student’s torture however, she realizes that it’s time for things to change—for the better.

But I thought I’d settle with 3 stars anyway because it touched a very serious and important topic that is bullying. It takes courage to speak up when you or someone you know is being mistreated.