Download Manual for Model 55HDS69 HITACHI PLASMA PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. Hitachi 55hds69 manual pdf hyundai santa fe parkers kizashi manual transmission personal cinema camry factory. For the latest information, always consult the current HITACHI Service Manual. A subscription to, or additional copies of HITACHI Service Manuals may be.

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This is due to the plasma panel drive circuit when it is functioning.

To select LOCK column, input the access code. At 1C Connections To repair defective copper pattern at 1C connections, use the following procedure to install a jumper wire on the copper pattern side of the circuit board.

Carefully crimp and solder the connections.

Full text of “Service Manual: Hitachi 55HDS69 55HDT79 55HDX99 DW2U PA [SM]”

If you do not, the hitacchi back picture may be abnormal. SetupSet The InputsUse this feature to give a name to any of the five videoinputs. Some pixels will always be on or always off. The picture and sound of the selected picture are outputted from Monitor out.

Page 38 VideoColor TemperatureSet this to High for cooler color with more blue, set to Medium for more natural color, set to Standard for accuratecolor. Comply with all cautions and safety-related notes located on or inside the cover case and on the chassis or plasma module. The circuit foil in these areas is designated as Critical Copper Pattern.


Use with this instrument only the test fixtures specified in this service data. You can independently customize each ofthe Video Inputs to your preference to increase viewingperformance and pleasure depending upon the videoprogram being viewed. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Hitachi 55HDS Apple and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Quickly move the soldering iron tip to the junction of the component lead and the printed circuit foil, and hold it there only until the solder flows onto and around both the component lead and the foil.

A red stand-by indicator lamp located onthe lower right corner of the front bezel willilluminate. Please instruct transporters so that it should be put into the packing box at the time of shipment. Hitacchi Procedure 1 Check the brightness as below.

Unless specified otherwise in these service data, lubrication of contacts is not required. Do not grab the speakers or the back cover when lifting.

Furthermore, where a short circuit has occurred, replace those components that indicate evidence of 55hds699 heating.

B Connecting DVI signal. Use only an anti-static type solder removal device.

CABLE input can be displayed as a main picture or sub-picture. This connection also enables you to control basic equipment functions such as VCR play, rewind, fast forward, stop, etc.

Caution when using solder containing lead. Blue 44 Power Save: Securing to a table-top 1.


Replace with the same type fuse for continued protection against fire. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. This remote is designed to operate different types ofVCRs. One is thedirect path and the other is reflected from tall buildings, hills or some otherobjects.

Please see pages for a complete description of all features and programming of the Remote Control. Special device cables will beaccording to the own devicespecifications.

Waveforms taken using a Color Bar signal with H sync 31 khz and V. If you purchased the wall mount bracket option, please ask for professional installer.

Hitachi 55HDS69 – UltraVision HDS Series Manuals

The Panel Module shall not be touched with bare hands to protect its surface from stains. Most replacement ES devices are packaged with leads electrically shorted together by conductive foam, aluminum foil or comparable conductive material.

If the Chip Tube breaks the panel module will never work, replacement for a new plasma panel module will be needed. Important Safety Instructions Power source Public viewing of copyrighted material This plasma television is designed to operate on Public viewing of programs broadcast by TV stations volts 60 Hz, AC current.

Don’t degrade the safety of the receiver through improper servicing.