The Hekhalot and Merkavah Literature and Its Mystical Tradition. Those who define mysticism in terms of a certain type of experience of God often seem to forget. Heikhalot Literature. Scholars Reprinted with permission from Descenders to the Chariot: The People Behind the Hekhalot Literature, published by Brill. The Hekhalot literature is a motley collection of textually fluid and often textually corrupt documents in Hebrew and Aramaic which deal with.

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Essentially the same material is found in 3 Enoch 1 and paras. Eight angels guarding the gate of each palace must be shown the proper seal i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I suggest that the practitioners who used Hekhalot praxes probably used hekhaloh other closely related magical texts and thus may have been healers and exorcists as well.

Ishmael how he ascended through the seven palaces and saw what was above the heads of the seraphim who stand above the head of God. This tendency, in great mystics, gradually captures the whole field of consciousness; it dominates their life and, in the litrature called ‘mystic union,’ attains its end.

Hekhalot Literature in Translation

The Hekhalot literature gives us enough extra information for our anthropological analysis to suggest that, at least for the descenders to the chariot, this transformation should be set in the context of shamanic initiatory disintegration and reintegration, and thus theoretically ought nekhalot be available on some literathre to many or all members of the esoteric group that transmitted the traditions.

Nevertheless, it provides an important context for difficult texts in earlier strata of the Hekhalot literature. And if he adds or subtracts, his blood is on his own head. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It also seems to allude to a future literzture of an esoteric community in Babylon. It may be of litetature ascetic practices of the Hekhalot literature that “[c]ompared to the elaborate rituals of the magical papyri they are not very impressive” p.


Once one negotiates the seven gates he will be seated in the bosom of God of whom several names are given paras. If the call is imposed, it may come from compelling dreams or revelations from the spirits, who may bring an illness upon an initiate until the initiate agrees to accept the call.

HarperSanFrancisco, ] xviii-xx, Japanese shamans recite words of power that Carmen Blacker has divided into three categories. Akiva during which God on his throne enthusiastically affirmed the value of these praxes for learning Torah paras. Two approaches have developed on this issue. The anthropological approach used here helhalot focused on descriptions of cultic praxes and revelatory experiences and the Hekhalot literature gives us much more information on these areas than any of the other corpora.

The citation G with a number e. And he is one of the good.

Hekhalot literature – Wikipedia

The voice of the sixth: The Sar Panim contains elements of hehkalot genres, and it is not clear that it should be assigned exclusively to either. Mary’s College University of St. Ishmael relates that Rome ordered the arrest of some of the sages and that R. Halperin has traced the interpretation of Ezekiel 1 and related passages through many centuries and has illuminated this exegetical tradition a great deal.

Swartz, “Scribal Magic and Its Rhetoric: Otherworldly visionary journeys are not characteristic of Japanese shamanism, although Blacker argues the likelihood that they were much more common in the past.


Scholars Press, As soon as R. Is Batei Midrashot a book and not a collection of rooms in ,iterature Yeshivot? This is akin to talking about the Bible, but never stating which books the bible is composed of. Akiva reports that “I had a vision of and observed the whole inhabited world and I saw it as it is.

Hekhalot literature

He argues, on the basis of a passage found in some manuscripts hekalot the Lietrature Torah text paras. Suriah, the Sar Torah, and the Sar Panim must be summoned correctly or the practitioner is in danger of precipitating serious violence against himself, if not causing the destruction of the world para. In a given society magic may be performed by a specialist. In the sixth he entered as a skeleton and was “forged” into a shaman.

Presented as a revelation to R. Many hekhalto refer to the Rabbis of Israel, other to the Byzantine area, and others to Bavel. Although this union is an absorption of an individual into the divine, the unitive life of the highest mystics is generally intensely social: The end of the Sar Panim appears to be an exorcism text para.

In this paper I have argued that the Hekhalot literature describes praxes and experiences that correspond closely to the praxes and experiences that anthropologists report to be integral to shamanism hkhalot over the world.