The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, published in Russian in as “Son smeshnogo cheloveka.” It addresses questions about. : The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man (): Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Books. The Dream of a Ridiculous Man. By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. What do we know about the psyche that Dostoyevsky failed to illuminate for us more than a century ago.

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The Dream of a Ridiculous Man – Wikipedia

I cannot remember how long we were flying, nor can I give you an idea of the time; it all happened as it always does happen in dreams when you leap over space and time and the laws of nature and reason, and only pause at the points which are especially dear to your heart.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An yet, you know, all are making for the same goal, all are striving in the same direction anyway, from the sage to the lowest robber, only by different roads. I want suffering in order to love.

She had a kerchief on her head, and she wore only an old, shabby little dress. It had been pouring all day, and the rain too was the coldest and most dismal rain that ever was, a sort of menacing rain—I remember that—a rain with a distinct animosity toward people. This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat The question was an idle one, but I was vexed. At last these people dostoevskky weary of their senseless vyodor and suffering appeared on their faces, and these people proclaimed that suffering was beauty, for in suffering alone was there thought.

I sometimes dream about him: This pride grew in me with the years; and if it had happened that I allowed myself to confess to anyone that I was ridiculous, I ryodor that I should have blown out my brains the same evening.

At night I sit like that without even thinking about anything in particular: And all at once, not with my voice, but with my entire being, I called upon the power that was responsible for all that was happening to me:.

But we were rapidly approaching the planet. It was a pitch-black night. The narrator is then placed on what appears to be an idyllic Greek island, identified as deam earth before the Fall.


For I have beheld the Truth.

One might think that they were still in contact with the departed after death, and that their earthly union was not cut short by death. This figure pulls the dstoevsky up from his grave, and then the two soar through the sky and into space. Oh, judge for yourselves: So now I felt that I was very cold, especially the tips of my toes, but I felt nothing else.

Oh, everyone laughs in my face now and everyone assures me that I could not possibly rdeam seen and felt anything so definite, but was merely conscious of a sensation that arose in my own feverish heart, and that I invented all those details myself when I woke up. If I were to shoot myself, the world would cease to exist—for me at any rate. People were walking and shouting around me, the captain bawled, the landlady shrieked — and suddenly another break and I was being carried in a closed coffin.

And they saw that and let me worship them without being abashed at my adoration, for they themselves loved much. I have beheld it in all its glory and I cannot believe that it cannot exist among men. But I was not sorry to have spoken to them of it, for I knew that they appreciated how much and how anxiously I yearned for those I had forsaken. Fyoddor And do you know what? Whole wars were fought over this idea. Then, suddenly, as I was standing and coming to myself, I caught sight of my gun lying there ready and loaded.

It was clear to me that so long as I was still a human being and not a meaningless cipher, dostoefsky till I became a cipher, I was alive, and consequently able to suffer, be angry, and feel shame at my actions. And—I did find that little girl. I walked among them, wringing my hands and weeping over them, but I loved them perhaps more than before when there was no sign of suffering in their faces and when they were innocent and—oh, so beautiful!

Internet URLs are the best. I told them that all this was my doing, mine alone; that it was I had brought them corruption, contamination and falsity.

It was a mab, they say, delirium, hallucination. The Dream of a Ridiculous Man By Fyodor Dostoyevsky What do we know about the psyche that Dostoyevsky failed to illuminate for us more than a century ago?

I stamped and shouted at the unhappy child as though to say — not only I feel no pity, but even if I behave inhumanly and contemptibly, I am free to, for in another two hours everything will be extinguished.


It was a child of eight with a kerchief on her head, wearing nothing but a wretched little dress all soaked with rain, but I noticed her wet broken shoes and I recall them now. Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination…. She was not weeping, but was spasmodically crying out some words which could not utter properly, because she was shivering and shuddering all over.

Oh, everything was exactly as it is with us, only everything seemed to have a festive radiance, the splendour of some great, holy triumph attained at last. I suddenly dreamt that I picked up the revolver and aimed it straight at my heart — my heart, and not my head; and I had determined beforehand to fire at my head, at my right temple. The captain was yelling in his deep bass voice, the landlady was screaming and—suddenly another hiatus, and I was being carried in a closed coffin.

And so every night during these two months I thought of shooting myself as I was going home. I am told that I am vague and confused, and if I am vague and confused now, what shall I be later on?

What do we know about the psyche that Dostoyevsky failed to illuminate for us more than a century ago?

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

They lived just in such a paradise as that in which, according to all the legends of fyodr, our first parents lived before they sinned; the only difference was that all this earth was the same paradise. I shall turn into nothing, absolutely nothing. The dream embraced thousands of years and left in me only a ridicilous of the whole.

I did not go with her; on the mab, I had an impulse to drive her away. I suddenly said as much to them. If at least I had solved my problems! What I did not know was how much longer I should go on sitting at the table till I shot myself.

After flying through space for a long time, the narrator is deposited on a planet, one much like Earth, but not the Earth that he left through suicide.

And I shall go on!