single layer of cells cells are roughly rectangular-shaped in section nuclei are usually oval and basal (locate at base of cell) goblet cells are scattered amid the . epitelio estratificado plano queratinizado. Becoming a doctorMed Student Medical School Nurses!!!NARUTOStudyAnimais. More information . se observa un epidermis con un epitelio plano, estratificado queratinizado Last one, I hope! Would this start out: epidermis with a flat epithelium.

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La cavidad bucal tiene un epitelio cilindrico estratificado. Tracto digestivo; Conoidea; Turridae; Polystira albida. In the present investigation it was realized a histological characterization of the digestive tract of Polystira albida Toxoglossa: Turridaeby using optic microscopy of specimens collected in Sonda de Campeche.

Epitelio Plano Estratificado No Queratinizado by Rodrigo Delgado on Prezi

Results of analysis show that lips, mouth and proboscis present a simple columnar epithelium with cilia. Buccal cavity has a stratified columnar epithelium. Esophagus presents a simple columnar epithelium with acidophilic granular glandular cells proteic natureand it is the place where digestion starts.

Stomach is divided in three histological regions that have two epithelial types, simple columnar with cilia and without one; the first is formed by a lot of acidophilic and basophilic glandular cells proteic and glycoproteic nature respectivelyand the second only contains acidophilic glandular cells.

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Digestive gland is constituted by tubule-acinous adenomers with acidophilic and basophilic glandular cells in different grades of secretion, and ducts have simple columnar epithelium with cilia and scarcely glandular cells. Intestine is divided in five histological regions, the first presents atyphlosole with two types of epithelium, simple columnar with stratified border; the rest of the tract has simple columnar epithelium with cilia, acidophilic granular glandular cells and folds of different sizes that increase or reduce the cavity duct.

Based on previous this, we conclude that in this study exist differences principally in front region of digestive tract buccal cavity, esophagus and stomach compared to general descriptions realized for Prosobranchia subclass. Tigestive tract; Conoidea; Turridae; Polystira albida. Polystira albida Perry, perteneciente a esgratificado familia Turridae, se encuentra dentro del suborden Toxoglossa.

Los ejemplares de P. Fibras musculares lisas; CL.

estratificado queratinizado

En cuanto a las primeras regiones del tubo digestivo de P. El intestino de P. Royal Society, London, A Functional Anatomy of Invertebrates. Academic Press, London, New York, On the Structure of the alimentary canal of style-bearing prosobranchs. Proceedings of Estratificadp, Society, London. The oesophagus of the stenoglossan prosobranchs. Proceedings of the Royal Society Edinburg.


estratificado queratinizado | Spanish to English | Medical: Health Care

The fore-gut of some marginellid and cancellariid prosobranchs. Studies of Tropical Oceanography, Miami.

Mc Graw-Hill Book Company, Evolution of the toxoglossan feeding mechanism: New information of the use of the radula. The radular apparatus of Conus. Anatomical correlates querainizado venom production in Conus californicus.

Toray Masson, Barcelona, Academic Press, New York.

Dissertation, University of Washington, Seattle, Functional morphology and evolution of the toxoglossan radula. Deep-sea gastropods of the genus Aforia Turridae of the Pacific: A new type of gastropod proboscis: The foregut of Hastula bacillus Gastropoda: Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates.

Wiley-Liss, New York, Fibras musulares lisas; CL. Casilla D Temuco – Chile Tel.: