Ed Greenwood is the bestselling author of the Band of Four series and creator of the bestselling and award-winning Forgotten Realms role-playing campaign. Gods and mortals alike succumb to gambling fever aboard the Peace of Boona on its yearly baccarat cruise, and would-be lovers Max and Eleanor, children of. It appears as if Elminster in hell is just going to be another endless sludge of Elminster remembering things and getting ripped apart by a demon, and more fights.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Elminster in Hell by Ed Greenwood. Elminster in Hell Forgotten Realms: Elminster 4 by Ed Greenwood.

Banished to the Nine Hells by an evil force, the legendary wizard Elminster Aumar finds himself tortured for his wisdom and power, and must confront the choice between death and madness.

Mass Market Paperbackpages. Published May 1st by Wizards of the Coast first published August 1st Elminster 4Forgotten Realms. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Elminster in Hellplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 20, Michael G rated it did not like it Shelves: This is easily the worst of the Elminster books. In general, Greenwood’s never more than adequate writing has been deteriorating in his last few books.

The story jumps around, the plot is difficult to follow and the characters are more and more caricatures. This is even worse in this book.

Elminster in Hell (Elminster, #4) by Ed Greenwood

The interaction between demon and Elminster switches between boring, unbelievable and disgusting awful torture scenes that do little to impair Elminster. The resolution is a complete, unexpected and unbeli This is easily the worst of the Elminster books.

The resolution is a complete, unexpected and unbelievably cheap Deus-ex-Machina. And in the end, basically nothing has happened that has long term bearing on the world or the characters. Elminster is a great idea of a character, the problem is that he is effectively the alter-ego of Greenwood who in fact claims he is not, and that Mirt is his alter-ego.

This means that he is invincible, infallible and irresistible especially to the ladies and lacks completely in character development. This last fact is kind of sad, since the whole series is supposed to expose this key character’s centuries of back story.

May 14, Meg Laverick rated it did not like it.

The cover lied to me. I was promised dragon punching and instead there was ih torture, infuriatingly flaccid threats, overuse of the word ‘diabolical’ and whole sections where the author gave up on complete sentences. I am so disappointed. Feb 18, Bridget rated elmknster did not like it Shelves: Dec 21, Billy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: My favorite in the elminster series.

Apr 12, Joe rated it it was ok. Not as good as I thought it would be. I expected something different so that might be the issue. Sep 16, Kagan Oztarakci rated it liked elminstwr. Love it I have read this book several times now and I laugh and cry every single time I have read it. Nov 30, JJ rated elminstre liked it. Elminster finds himself trapped in Hell and this novel chronicles what he underwent there and the various attempts of his friends and colleagues to rescue him.


The framing device is strange, hopping back and forth between the thoughts of Elminster and those of the arch-fiend Nergal who has captured him.

Elminster in Hell (novel) – D&D Wiki

The rest of the novel moves back and forth between Elminster’s sometimes fragmentary memories and present-time events. In some ways, Elminster in Hell reads as a collection of short stories, but hel, is an overarching story and plot to the work.

At the beginning, I almost abandoned the book, not sure what to make of it, but I stuck with it. Even though the ending is perplexing, even though it was sometimes difficult to keep track of all of the characters, even though some of elminstet scenes of Hell’s tortures were particularly gruesome and gut-wrenching, I ended up liking the book. Some of the memory vignettes, such as the mystery surrounding the murders of a number of Lords of Waterdeep, were quite captivating.

hekl And I particularly enjoy Greenwood’s ability to describe the way magic looks and feels and acts as it is being cast, and I think he is particularly good at describing spell battles. Plus, I give Greenwood bonus points for trying something different and experimenting with storytelling styles.

This is the fourth Elminster book I’ve read all in the space of a few months and although it turned out to be an enjoyable read, I think I’m ready to be finished ehll the Old Mage for a while.

The Elminster books are good, but not great, and I’ve read a bunch of them, so I need a break. But I’m sure at some elminstre point in time I’ll be back to read more of Elminster’s adventures. Dec 23, Theresa Ramseyer rated it liked it.

You do start in the middle of the action in this book. A bit more lead in would have been nice. I haven’t read any of the other Elfminister books, so this was probably not the best for me to start on. But this is the first one the library had, so. I did find it mostly easy to tell when he and the devil were communicating, and hrll Elminister was giving up a memory.

It got complicated when the devil’s buddies started showing up. Who was who, and where did you come from again? But that was on the You do start in the middle of the action in this book.

Elminster in Hell

But that was on the demon side; telling who was who on Elminister’s side was easier. The book is graphic in describing pain and torture. The ending and one other part seemed too magical – Elminister is reduced to literally almost nothing, then one magic spell and he’s whole and restored and just hunky dory again, thank you very much, whether to be tortured all over again or to celebrate being saved.

No residual problems, it seems. Given a choice, I would definitely read the first three books first. Otherwise you might get lost in the who’s who and some unanswered questions. I might read this again once I have finished those, and see how I like it then. I listened to this in audio book format. Since Goodreads still doesn’t support audiobook versions, I tried to get as close as possible. The narration was quite good.


The narrator did a good job of making the characters’ voices different.

I do suspect that paragraph notations hll have made this easier to understand in a non-audio format, since the story does jump about both betwen characters and in space and time, since it deals a great deal in memories and how those memories interact with what I listened to this in audio ln format. I do suspect that paragraph notations would have made this easier to understand in a non-audio format, since the story does jump about both betwen characters and in space and time, since it deals a great deal in memories and how those memories interact with what is going on with particular characters in the present.

Still, I rather enjoyed it as classic Greenwood. Some reviews I had read mentioned that this book might not hdll a lot of sense if you just followed from the previous Elminster books, but that you would need to have read another laundry list of books, as well. I had not read most of the other books, but did have a fair grounding in Realmslore, having read some other Forgotten Realms authors, as well as some rule books, so I didn’t have any particular trouble.

I wouldn’t doubt that there might have been other dimensions if I had read those other books, but they were not required flminster, either.

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Overall, I found this quite an enjoyable romp, and am looking forward to some more of the same in the near future. Mar 27, Jesse rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel like it’s important to say that the four star rating is relative.

I’m rating this book against other books by Ed Greenwood, not judging it on the same level as, say, Tolkien It’s been a long time since I gave Greenwood a four star review, but in this book he actually played up his strong points He jumped from point of view to point of view. There were at least five climaxes and n I feel like it’s important to say that the four star rating is relative.

There were at least five climaxes and no real resolutions. But in this story it kind of worked because the reader understands that Greenwood is just pulling together a bunch of small stories from Elminster’s mind Still, flminster is not eljinster best work and it took me a long time to get through it. Feb 25, Arthur Cravan rated it liked it Shelves: I’m not sure I will ever nerd out enough to read more books about his earlier exploits to warrant re-reading this book, but it is an unlikely possibility.

Jan 23, GP rated it did not like it. Ed Greenwood, perpetrator of the biggest Mary Un saga outside of the Anita Blake series, hits new levels of awful in this one. I’m fine with Elminister being a hairy, sexy beast that only the hottest of scantily clad avatars of magical power can’t help falling in love with.

But at least keep track of your plot, Greenwood. And make it fun, not a bore. I’ll write more later but let is suffice for now to say this is awful. Nothing but story fragments strung together by a tedious and annoying frame.