Electronic voting machine has now replaced the traditional mechanism of voting due to several advantages like security, automatic counting etc. Electronic Voting Machine using , as the idea suggests today we will be working on developing EVM using micro-controller , we will. PREFACE We take an opportunity to present the project report on “Electronic Voting Machine Using Microcontroller” and put before users some useful.

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The input part consists of a set of six tactile switches. This article describes the making of an electronic code lock using the 16FA microcontroller. In this paper we describe the design, construction and operation of a digital voting machine using a microcontroller profoundly. For this purpose Microcontroller has 4 input output ports to connect it to other peripherals. It is used to carry data. The controller used in EVMs has its operating program etched permanently in silicon at the time of manufacturing by the manufacturer.

Even if one presses that button further or any other button, no further vote will be recorded. What is Web Browser.

Microcontroller Based EVM-Electronic Voting Machine

Votibg crystals are manufactured for frequencies from a few tens of kilohertz to hundreds of megahertz. Third, we discussed in detail the possibility of contesting an election based on the evidence provided by the verifiable election scheme. It is an electronic component. You May Also Like: After some delay, the result is displayed which could be either declaration of the winner candidate or the candidates with a clash of their number of votes. LCD Liquid Crystal Display screen is an electronic display module and find a wide range of applications.


Both the computer and the device agreed on a speed of information – ‘bits per second’. When the stop button is pressed, the names of the candidates are displayed along with their vote counts.

Electronic Voting Machine Using Microcontroller | susmita bhunia –

C socket is suggested. The remaining two switches both active low are to start and stop the voting procedure. Arduino based GPS receiver. For an authored usinng 1. To overcome this problem, An EVM electronic voting machine is an answer to all these complications.

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This LCD based electronic voting machine is designed for four candidates. The task of completing the project though being difficult but was made quite simple ,interesting and successful due to deep involvement and complete dedication of our group members.

Second, we considered the attack of receipt stealing and manipulation of the corresponding votes. The EVMs save considerable time, money and manpower. User has no control over the work of CPU.

The system is fully controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller 16FA which has a 8Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. As long as the computer output bits at the pre-determined speed, the printer could listen. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This Code is only visible to Registered users. Fundamental right to vote or simply voting in elections forms the basis of democracy. Here is a question for you, What are the advantages of EVM?

In this proposed system, one port is devoted to 8-push button switches for 8-contestants, and a master switch for voting officer. This is an interesting project designed with a microcontroller which works as a brain. As a future scope it can be used as a GSM Technology. Press clear switch when all entries are required to be erased.


It reads program written in ROM memory and executes them and do the expected task. These resistors are quite cheaper than standard variable resistor available in the market. Preset resistors are directly mounted on circuit board and adjusted only when the circuit is built.

After some delay, the result is displayed which could be either declaration electronlc the winner candidate or the candidates with a clash of their number of votes.

This is required to bring steadiness in the governance and stable financial growth of the nation. Interface SD Card with Arduino. As soon as a particular button on the balloting unit is pressed, the vote is recorded for that particular candidate and the machine gets locked.

Our contribution to this is an approach where all secret information is encapsulated in the voting machine. Of course, open source would not solve all of the problems with electronic elections.

Choosing Motor For Robots. Buttons are most often biased miicrocontroller, though even many un-biased buttons due to their physical nature require a spring to return to their un-pushed state.

This project is designed for 8-contestants. The Init start switch initializes the voting system when pressed, while the Stop switch ends the voting and displays the poll results on LCD screen. Each component should be done neatly. Interrupt is a subroutine call that interrupts Microcontroller’s main operation or work and causes it to execute some another program which is more important at that time.