AMC General Acceptable Means of Compliance for Airworthiness of Products, AMC / Amendment AMC ‘Integrated modular avionics (IMA)’. Airworthiness Directives (ADs) · Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC) · Alternative Method of Compliance. 1, AMC 20, AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC , AMC

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It has to be emphasised that the examples given are not intended by EASA to introduce any new practice; but they are intended to simply describe current practice.

This Opinion addresses safety risks related to ageing phenomena in the structures of 20–25 aeroplanes.

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EASA proposes grandfather rules as well as transitional measures to support further potential work on the topic of licensing for lead flight test engineer LFTE. Specifically, CS is amended to implement the outcome of two rulemaking tasks: In addition, EASA state the intent is to ensure an adequate minimum syllabus standard at organisations that comply with Part Watch this page for future information on what the implications are to us all.

The proposed guidance should allow these amcc to come easily to a decision with regard to: This will enable the Part Design Approval Holder DAH to identify the technical elements necessary to be addressed for the purpose of training of maintenance certifying staff involved in eawa maintenance of their products.

Flight Test Operations Manual requirements apply from 01 Januarywhereas crew competence requirements apply from 01 January Other companies, including Southwest followed with “carry-on” performance computers, but they remained on the airplane as a practical matter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Different opinions were also noted when the issue was debated during the dedicated rulemaking group discussions. For the last few decades, runway excursions have been recognised as major contributors to accidents worldwide, and as significant risks to aviation safety.

NPA intends to aid its application by mandating the supply of relevant information from manufacturers to support operators in developing their safety risk assessment. Definition and qualification for lead flight test engineer. The Portal has a user guide for information on how to register to use of the Applicant Portal, view and filter 02-25 applications, view and edit contact persons associated with your EASA applicant account, provide credentials for application management users and, last but not least, on how to register and submit applications.


The proposal in the new NPA would put more emphasis on the safety objectives against the risk of runway excursions, while providing for more flexibility in terms of design solutions. The AMM application uses a high resolution database to dynamically render maps of the eqsa. Several comments were accepted or partially accepted, thus leading to substantial amendments of the proposed text which, in certain elements, has been significantly improved.

It is neither the role nor the intent of this Certification Memorandum to be understood or used as a substitute for the CS-MCSD which is under development, and not expected untilat the time of release of this Certification Memorandum. There followed some queries about to whom this regulation applies.

Electronic flight bag

The Certification Specifications include the proposal of the following: The changes proposed by the FAA are intended to allow more flexibility in the types of assessments that the applicant can provide to show compliance, to remove the distinction between category A and category B rotorcraft since the technologies and associated failure effects are similar across both categories, and to reflect the fact that equipment and systems installed in Part 27 rotorcraft are now complex and highly integrated systems.

EASA expect that this will be achieved by:. They comment that air transport is the first industry sector globally to adopt a CO 2 emissions design certification standard. The availability of CSs for human factors in the design of new rotorcraft cockpits is expected to reduce the probability of human factors and pilot workload issues that could lead to an accident or incident.

EASA has published NPA with the objective to mitigate the safety risk stemming from pilots of large aeroplanes applying inappropriate rudder control inputs, in particular pedal reversals, which may create structural loads that exceed limit loads or even ultimate loads.

AMC , Annex II to ED Decision //R

NPA is divided in four parts. We recommend those involved with the design, production or a,c of small rotorcraft to review the changes. Various paragraphs of CS Book 1 and Book 2 are amended to: The interconnections are susceptible to new threats, which may potentially have catastrophic effects on the safety of air transport. Provision of aircraft type specific data for development of training programmes for cabin crew.


EFB Policy and Guidance

As advised at the recent Production Airworthiness Seminar, the UK CAA is seeking to establish a working group with the production sector where manufacturing organisations and the regulator can raise and discuss areas of mutual interest and the most effective means by which these can be managed. Further to our article of last November informing of the release of NPAthe consultation period has resulted in the publication of the final deliverable and the related CRD to NPA While this eaza be understood as meaning all environmental hazards, detailed certification specifications related to volcanic cloud hazards have not been previously addressed in the Certification Specifications.

The specific objective is to provide a 20-2 uniform level of environmental protection in the European Union as well as a level playing field for all actors in the aviation market by aligning European Union legislation with the latest ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices SARPs and Guidance Material on aircraft noise and aircraft engine emissions. To achieve this objective, it is proposed to introduce in CS new cybersecurity provisions taking into account the special condition mentioned above and the recommendations of the groups.

The scope of this rulemaking activity is outlined in the Terms of Reference ToR These Easy Access Rules include all amendments and are displayed in a consolidated, easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks, and are available for free download from the EASA website. This NPA proposes to enhance and modernise the specifications for the installation of flight recorders on board large aircraft, and addresses smc following subjects:.

EASA will continue to monitor and assess volcanic ash related risks and to encourage further amcc activities that can contribute to a better understanding of volcanic eaea. In closing, EASA considers that the currently proposed mix of design and operational domains in one document makes it difficult to define clear boundaries between the obligations of the aircraft operators and those of the aircraft manufacturer, so it intends, in the future, to separate the regulatory material on EFB into two or more different documents:.

The above has been endorsed during a focussed consultation: