Placing convergence at the center of the discussion, Converging Media: A New Introduction to Mass Communication, Sixth Edition, uses the technologies we. Placing convergence at the center of the discussion, Converging Media: A New to Mass Communication, Third Edition, by John and Shawn McIntosh. SEARCH. Cancel. Converging Media 3rd edition Authors: John V Pavlik, John Pavlik, Shawn McIntosh. More Details Less.

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It’s time they came together. From reading news on tablets to video calling on smartphones, digital media has changed the ways in which we communicate. Placing convergence at the center of the discussion, Converging Media: A New Introduction to Mass CommunicationSixth Edition, uses the technologies we employ every cpnverging to explain our current media environment–and to consider where we might be headed. It provides compelling story about the challenges we face in understanding a rapidly changing media landscape.

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Converging Media – Paperback – John V. Pavlik; Shawn McIntosh – Oxford University Press

Go directly to our online catalogue. Purchase Send feedback Also available as: Ebook This title is available as an ebook from RedShelf. Converging Media Sixth edition John V.

New to this Edition Separate chapters on public relations and advertising allow for expanded discussions of rhetorical and strategic communication; online advertising; and specific advertising and communications trends and campaigns New discussions of gamification across media and developments in the gaming industry and social networking Expanded coverage of the convergence of interpersonal and mass communication through social media Updated explorations of augmented and virtual reality and their potential future uses Critical analyses of cybersecurity across media.

Features About the Author s Reviews Features Provides a fresh perspective on media through the lens of convergence, showing how different aspects of media are parts of the whole and examines how they influence each other Places social media within a larger media and sociocultural context Uses cutting-edge examples that diverse and intriguing to illustrate how the media landscape continues to evolve Presents an international perspective to help students gain an appreciation for media systems throughout the world Emphasizes career paths in media including both traditional and emerging career trends.


Converging Media

About the Author s John V. Reviews “This is the best introductorytextbook available with respect to staying in the moment of the change ediion place within the media industry and, as a result, within our media culture.

The Changing Media Landscape Chapter 1: Mass Communication and its Digital Transformation Telephony: What Makes Mediated Communication Different? Mass-Communication Formats Chapter 3: Media Perspectives Chapter 7: Media and Society Chapter What Type of Science Is It? Monday – Friday, 8: