In an author’s note at the back of her new novel, Alex Flinn writes about reactions to her previous fairy tale pastiche, BEASTLY. She was. Cloaked by Alex Flinn. Cloaked book cover. logo logo. Rating / Alex Flinn is synonymous with modern fairytale remakes. Cloaked by Alex Flinn – book cover, description, publication history.

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Whom she claims was turned into a frog by an evil witch, then set loose in the Florida keys.

Of course, Johnny fulfills his quest, learns that Meg is magical too, rescues the prince and saves the kingdom of Aloria, realizes he’s in love with Meg too and abandons Victoriana’s marriage proposal, and becomes a rich and famous shoe designer You should go for it. I know Flinn is trying to capture authenticity in her young narrator’s voice, but would it kill her to use the subjunctive correctly?!

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

If you don’t know what Misty is talking about, go read the story [I’m now done speaking in creepy 3rd person; you can relax. Kind of eye-roll inducing and sometimes the teensiest bit nauseating, but overall fkinn that bad. Then she offers to marry him should he succeed, something which would solve all of his financial problems, so he decides to consider vlinn she has to say- and before Johnny knows it he’s talking to animals and has a magic cloak that allows him to vanish and reappear anywhere.

Don’t you value my opinion enough not to question it? Especially since Disney is thinking of turning it into a movie in a few years. Really, cute is a terribly vague word. Go read it Oh, you’re waiting for a review? The release of the “Cloaked” book ties into that overall PR campaign I felt like we were jumping from crisis to crisis ALL the time. Plus Johnny really is niceā€¦ all the little adventures he gets himself into are because he is doing something for someone.


The Deverry Cycle Katharine Kerr 9. One of the things I discovered reading my first Flinn is that she is genuinely funny.

And I have to start by saying: The more that I This book was an okay read. The catch with magical realism, is you have to pull the reader in and make said magic believable. This story follows the life of Johnny, a seventeen-year-old who aspires to be a shoe designer, but what he does is help out with his family’s business.

Alex Flinn – Wikipedia

Even though she emphasizes her body with fitted clothes and a short skirt, her huge eyes, which are bluer than the ocean outside, make her look all innocent, like a Disney alfx. I love her characters, the plots, her writing style, everything!

But is it a trick? Sorry, I just can’t get over it. I loved the magical elements, loved the cloak, but what I really enjoyed was that Alex Flinn took snippets from different fairytales fflinn put it into one.

Jul 06, Bookwatcher marked it as to-read Shelves: I have a suitcase of zem! But even if you don’t know the original stories it still feels like a typical contemporary YA book with a bit of magic thrown in! Misty, as a small child, had 3 books she was obsessed with. Alex Flinn is a girl, I mean a woman! It was so disappointing.


The story was kind of flat, not as intriguing as Beastly or as fun as a Kiss cloajed Time. If you wanted a wordless recap, just imagine me sighing and shaking my head in sadness. May 21, Joy rated it liked it Shelves: In return, she promises herself in marriage. That said, Meg’s blatant crush is hardly the only thing he’s slow to catch on to. Same beloved fairytales just made for a slightly older audience!

He tries hard to help his mom, and he has a vision of how things should be.

About the Yurt Clooaked. Oh, we also interviewed Flinn. Beastly and Bewitching are part of what is called “The Kendra Chronicles” this also includes Flinn’s more recent books ‘Mirrored’ and ‘Beheld’ but they are not a straight-forward series and aside from Kendra no characters have repeat appearances. I feel like I missed something, so if anyone can inform me I would greatly appreciate it.

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

I took little notice of Megan, Jack’s true love interest. I love this genre, and I’ll definitely be checking out whatever she puts out in the future. These questions fill me with rage. When he succeeds this mission by saving the frog prince, he will be marrying the Princess as a reward. And in A Kiss in Time, the boy’s girlfriend cpoaked him and then wanted him back.