With the Olympics approaching, books on Australia abound. Still, Bryson’s lively take is a welcome recess from packaged, staid guides. The author of A Walk in. Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door, memorable travel literature threatens to break out. His previous excursion along the Appalachian Trail resulted. In a Sunburned Country By BILL BRYSON Broadway. Read the Review But then Australia is such a difficult country to keep track of. On my first visit, some.

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Perhaps due to his journalistic training, Bryson has a fascination for all things deadly. And I never would have known about it if Bill Bryson hadn’t traveled through it so thoroughly and written about it so eloquently. This one is reverential, informative, and mostly self-effacing humor Bill.

It houses beyond a shadow of a doubt the world’s most interesting flora and fauna, including bryyson earthworms and living fossils. Aug 08, Roy Lotz rated it really liked it Shelves: One sunburnef the effects of paying so little attention to Australia is that it is always such a pleasant surprise to find it there.

At times, Bryson paints incredible word pictures of the beauty of forests populated by unique creatures countr plants. By describing his own travels and those of early settlers, explorers and naturalists, he provides the reader with an appreciation for how vast and unwelcoming the country is, and how utterly unique. Luckily, no serious harm was done. What’s neat brgson Australias outback is since it’s largely untouched, and since the continent doesn’t have much in the way of geological activity – no volcanoes or things like that – the fossil records are wonderful.


View all 13 comments. You expect sunburnde get a look at modern Australia, its UK-convict days, Sydney and other cities, the bush, the outback, and the plight, trials and importance of the aborigines. His wit and sarcastic humor is what did it for me.

Natives sometimes attacked with spears. Eighty percent of all that lives in Dunburned, plant and animal, exists nowhere else. This was my first book by Bill Bryson as well as a great, educating read! While many of the scientific discoveries outlined in the book were a little beyond me, I thoroughly enjoyed Bryson’s descriptions of the larger-than-life personalities behind the discoveries, which really brought the science described to life.

I, for one, had no idea that Australia teemed with such an amazing and unique class of flora and fauna. This is a book about Bryson’s trips I believe he combines a few trips to “Oz” into this one book to the Ok! The result is a deliciously funny, fact-filled, and adventurous performance by a writer who combines humor, wonder, and unflagging curiousity.

brysno Australia is fascinating, and Bill Bryson has done an excellent job of telling us why. It was just fantastic.

It occurred to me that Australians are so surrounded with danger that they have evolved an entirely new vocabulary to deal with it.

Down Under Cover of Black Swan paperback edition.

In a Sunburned Country

Mexico was later added, but even now, who can name all 23 independent states? The mad proliferation of rabbits — halted for a while by the introduction of the horrible illness Myxomatosis, but now numbers are increasing bryeon. Bryson travels around a country and gets drunk in hotel bars. Australians are lovely people.

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. The writing is humorous, at times really insightful, and mostly always informative. Stuff yet to be found. He lives… More about Bill Eunburned.


Aussie also has the deadliest spider – the funnel web spider which burrows in the ground and is known for coming out and biting at toes. The next time my brain is slightly fried I’ll work through the next book in his catalog and be happy, I imagine, I did. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Down Under (book) – Wikipedia

Leaving no Vegemite unsavored, listeners will accompany Bryson as he dodges jellyfish while learning to surf at Bondi Beach, discovers a fish that can climb trees, dehydrates in deserts where temperatures leap to degrees F, and tells the true story of the rejected Danish architect who designed the Sydney Opera House.

Bryson buys into the aboriginal issue half heartedly basing his opinions on a few points given him by second or third hand. Bryson gets pissed off at rude and stupid people but is usually forgiving and self-depreciating. He spends page after page hammering home the extent to which Australia is huge, vast, empty, and to a large extent unexplored.

He even has a friend come with him for part of the trip, which added a little spice to his generally solo travels. And Bryson is at his funniest describing a deep and embarrassing sleep he fell into.