Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM, is GUARDIANS OF ORDER’s flagship publication — the . your game into an adventure in the Sailor Moon RPG universe. Download BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book [-. 1 . The Sailor Moon anime universe contains an enormous volume of information in Zflfl television.

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Character points sailoe used to simultaneously assign both Attributes defined sailorr special characteristics that were advantageous to the character and Defects defined as special characteristics that were detrimental to the character. I have already considered several interesting possibilities including one in which saillor Sailor Moon manga and anime series are a set of propaganda films distributed by the evil Sailor Senshi, while the truth is that the Negaverse is fighting to protect our world from their machinations and eventual domination.

This book is currently out of print. MacKinnon essentially meant the rules to be a guideline and a set of tools you could fall back on when your freeform role-play left questions unanswered. It also was problematic for what little asilor of game balance the rules had, and among other things there were combat skills that were effectively redundant with certain Attributes. The basic way to roleplay was to roll two six-sided dice. FUNimation has relicensed the whole Tenchi franchise and will be reissuing it in chunks in the coming months.

It encouraged players to engage in creating roleplaying sessions involving stories within the canonical universe, as well as outside things such as “what if the Sailor Senshi were sent 1, years into the past?

On the other hand, since there are attributes which modify the basic stats, you can get the same result through indirect means. Why would you want to? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can probably guess bewm I feel about the idea of a Tri-Stat Evangelion game.

Online resources and wikis wholly replaced them.

The resulting charts can be used to actually randomly generate a yoma — or you can use the charts as a quick reference for designing your own basic yoma packages. It can be found at the following link, should anyone be interested: Very, very good — surprisingly enough. Still, it was fun. Anyone with even a minimal amount of exposure to Sailor Moon will know that the basic structure nesm any given noon is simple: But play a bunch of pubescent girls who run around in skimpy outfits?


MacKinnon seemed to be one of those proud Mac users who loved to abuse the Black Chancery font for some reason.

Some have theorized that this was brought about because of the unreliability of the narrator in the original Amber books was he really telling the truth? A solid resource, it succinctly sums up the basic foundation on which these creatures exist — summarizing the standard formulas of the television show and how to break them to make a better roleplaying campaign ; who controls yoma and how; where yoma come from; general cosmology… the whole nine yards.

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I think that became a recurring motif in their licensed games, and in general they tended to provide you with the tools to make clumsy imitations of a series rather than anything to get at its core. It was one of the few instances where I feel a small RPG company was actually really, bssm successful at reaching beam of mooon existing hobby.

It is little surprise, therefore, that Amber not only stands up under such change, but thrives under it. They licensed the first OAV series and that alone, which made for a very limited range of material to draw upon. It was written and designed by Mark C. The Attributes and Defects enhanced or reduced stats depending on the characteristic taken and the level the attribute had.

You are commenting using your WordPress. It was useful for defining your zailor in writing, for spurring creativity, and for developing your existing ideas.

My first encounter with GoO was in the late 90s when I stumbled across the original gray Big Eyes Small Mouth book at a local game store. R season -based “Where’s Rini? In the summer of GoO went out of business. In Method A the GM gives everyone the exact same number of stat points.

Finally, the stock pictures sajlor the end which are designed to be xeroxed, cut out, colored, and pasted onto the title page which leads the book are useful for the artistically-disinclined. Although it goes without saying, mixing RPG chocolate and anime peanut butter has been a major passion of mine since forever.

Yaruki Zero Games

It was stressed, however, that the GM was not required to use either of those two plots, and could do any story he or she pleased. First, many of the attributes discuss and use Energy Points to one degree or another. For example, according to the index, Sailor Moon is only mentioned once in the entire book the reference is to her character mpon write-up.


Then he virtually disappeared, and almost no one was able to contact him for a while, even some people who knew him personally and had his phone number. I had no worries about besmm game itself which uses a specially modified version of the TriStat engine used in Big Eyes, Small Mouthbut with the source material: Retrieved from bsem http: For an explanation of where these reviews came from and why you can no longer find them at RPGNet, click here.

I think for me Guardians of Order will ultimately be the anime version of Palladium Books. I immediately began pondering the possibility of a campaign where all the PCs are Knights, while the Sailor Senshi were relegated to fulfilling roles similar to that of Tuxedo Mask.

What seems to be missing are the bbesm for unbalanced character creation — so that some characters will have more stat points than others.

I have a cousin who, when she gets a couple of years older, will probably be getting a set of Sailor Moon tapes, some Sailor Moon manga, and a copy of this book.

Books Sailor Moon in North America. And a really great character sheet — like the Sailor Moon Character Diaries — really can transform a game. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There were a couple of major issues with the system though.

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One consequence of this was that if two characters with high stats go head to head in combat, they tended to clash over and over without actually doing damage. For some this book will just be silly; but for many it will hit the nail right on the head.

Hellsing and Trigun at least made sense in terms of their ability to sell, but the only explanation I can come up with for the Dual: The character attribute system itself is a proto sub-attribute system.