Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje 48 str u boji Tvrde korice Astérix – Astérix chez les hélvètes – n. Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno Knjige · Stripovi · Evropski i ostali stripovi; Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) . Politikina izdanja Asteriksa /Asterix & Obelix/ u prevodu Ivana Klajna. Uz Asteriks stripove dolazi i jedan Talični Tom (Na tragu braće Dalton). Spisak stripova: 1.

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Notes The character Spartakis is obviously based on actor Kirk Douglas and his role in the movie Spartacus. Ich, die ich zwar alle Asterix-Filme kenne aber bisher so gut wie keinen Comic gelesen hab, wollte ihn dann auch mal lesen.

Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL)

This is the only album in which two of the pirates are called by name. I suspect that in reality and this is not reality — this is Asterix one could easily define who the enemy was, but then if they had done that it would not have been so amusing. Select one of the items, or continue to type, to narrow the choices, after the third letter asteriz typed, each new letter does query to the database and returns a new search.

The two enlist in the army and, along with a colorful collection of recruits from around the Roman empire, travel to Africa for the war against Scipio and attempt to track down Tragicomix. They also sometimes prod me to take nostalgic walks down memory lane, visiting old friends.

There are still quite a few more to go, and at this stage I am still waiting for another two compendiums to arrive from the United Stfipovi and I do hope they get here because I am really stressing out about these latest Amazon ordersso I will hopefully manage to get through all of them sometime soon. Recruiting new members for Caesar’s army! In this, one of the best of a very good set of books, Asterix and Obelix join the Roman Legion and head off to Africa on a search and rescue mission. This means he must be under six years old, as he was about that age when he fell into the potion and gained his strength see How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When he was a Little Boy.


Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL)

Nov 05, Tom rated it asteerix was amazing Shelves: If your reading life so far hasn’t included any of asterxi gems I would recommend rectifying that as soon as may be. D Ptenisnet forever complains about the accommodation and asking to see the menu. Gastronomix the Belgian volunteer shares a barber with Tintin. Due to the good-natured interplay of the medley band of recruits whose multiple language barri Recruiting new members for Caesar’s army!

Along with Tintin, these books were the first ones that showed me comic books could be more than super heroes. Trivia About Asterix the Atserix As the Gauls return victorious, they find Obelix has turned to stone after drinking a remaining cauldron of magic potion.

The painted faces, feeling of ennui, mechanical gorging of elaborate food, and sado-masochistic punishments are balanced in Helvetia by the fastidiousness of the Swiss servants who keep cleaning up messes, washing whips, etc. That’s usually a painful experience but does occasionally throw fabulous books that I would never have read off my own bat onto my path.

Believing the Romans are about to attack, the Gauls prepare for battle. Refresh and try again. It was originally serialized in Pilote magazine astegix — in and translated into English in Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno ocuvano, 48 str u boji Tvrde Korice Kod nas je ova ta epizoda Asteriksa objavljena samo kao piratsko izdanje Asterix and Obelix All at Sea French: Obelix then propels the galley into the Roman camp of Aquarium, before returning to the village for a strippovi.


The story ends with the usual banquet for the villagers and Sinisitus, making it the first banquet featuring a Roman as a guest. Asferix svoj web shop?

Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) – ()

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Seeing his friend about to be thrown to the sharks, Obelix recovers his strength and size, and rescues him. Like the Asterix books before this one, I was in in stitches, particularly with the Egyptian, who, throughout the entire album, believed he was on some tour. Uderzo continued to illustrate and write through his retirement inkeeping I would venture to guess that the vast majority of European children from the early s through today have read some, if not all, Asterix comic books.

Open Preview See a Problem? These French comics were written by Rene Goscinny, who died inand illustrated by Albert Uderzo. A slapstick comedy look at ancient his For the girl he secretly has a crush on, Obelix volunteers himself and Asterix to find her missing fiance.

Along the way, the Gauls and the rest of the recruits annoy the hell out of their two astedix and make a mockery of everything related to military discipline. Jan 27, Travis rated asteerix really liked it Shelves: The first 24 editions are, in my opinion, the best comics ever written. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Controls Edition, Hero and Author have autocomplete, which is turned on after you typed the third letter, you will get all items that contain the typed letters.