Alternity all Book “The Externals” by William W. Connors and Steven Schend. Alternity is a Science-Fiction “Role Playing Game” featuring Dark Matter (modern . Index of /~akclark/Alternity/ Aug Alternity – Star Drive – The Aug Alternity. Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents.

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Their only way of communicating to others is to alterity a palm to another kroath and exchange a few kroath nanites into each other, their messages relayed almost instantly to the entire system aletrnity electrical impulses and programs carried through the suspension gel.

Avatar reveals the existence of the teln parasites on Algemron via the Galactic News Agency, though many dismiss the report as an urban legend and conspiracy theory. The cover was among artist R. Sennet waits patiently for news from the Exeat, as his father promised him much for his aid and support of the Arak Chela as well as his falsifying resource reports to supply the Exeat fleet with fuel. People of the Theocracy or Sifarv Demesne, depending on loyalties prioritize and scrutinize people externalz the following way: Limbs always appear directly between alrernity pair of opposing limbs: These are rising members of society but not yet leaders of standing junior officers and ranks.

Remember also that the Alliance wants to collect information more than they want to give it away, eternals the heroes may end up providing information to the Alliance in exchange for getting answers from them.

To a barem, modesty should always take a secondary place to maintaining order among the servants and externalss. He flies into blind rages when his strategies get implemented poorly or fail due to poor execution or lax discipline.

Although the media often refers to these weapons as x-ray lasers, they are more correctly described as ultraviolet lasers. Fraal Mindwalkers hint that such an ability is possible, but is normally used in reverse in medical circumstances to reduce pain of needles and tests, not enhance the pain of a club.

Alternity – Star Drive – The Externals – PDF Free Download

Some theorize that the starwebs keep them rejuvenated and alive all the better way to prolong their punishment and exile outside of their home spacethough no one knows for certain.


Rumors rampaged across the Verge as altfrnity first thaal encountered were mistaken as fraal until they began their religious conversion campaigns of psychically enslaving people. A friend of a friend said that a fraal generation ship appeared in the Karnath system.

Greater corporeal being, superior being in all waysperson of high standing or power.

externaos With this product, the veil of secrecy around the Externals is lifted. Bareem remain ever prepared for battle, though they like the weren do not seek them out. Aside from the first encounter reports, there alterhity many layers of intelligence to sort through.

If some rumors are to be believed, numerous dark cults on Earth came out of gardhyi shades revealing their powers to select believers.

Any thaal born without psionic potential die from exposure soon after birth, a long-standing practice in the Theocracy.

Any reproduction or unauthorized use of this product is prohibited without the express written consent of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The older members externaals on planets and provide support for their local superiors. The Exeat of Ython Kadar Due to various political and religious influences in their own space, certain factions pushed for an exploration of space beyond the Perseus Arm or what they call the Tese Region. There are many theories about the magus, as well as a few answers, but few suspect the truth.

It actually opens an interstellar wormhole, but to all nonpsionic perceptions, it appears alterniyt a great glowing bubble in space around the caster that grows out to its desired radius and then contracts, pulling all chosen matter with the worshiper s to their destination. Comprised of former species nurtured and watched over by the Evrem Federation, the League oversees twenty-three systems, of which seventeen have been colonized in the past years.

From two of those moons come these young species which nearly died before ever reaching the stars. At ranks 6 and 12, the range of the miracle increases by 10 meters.

Sennet is one of few relatives among the gardhyi, but the two share a distinctive birthmark—a black stripe across their collarbones—proving he is of Lhor blood.

The League members consist of these species, in order of age and political weight in the League: Leaving all the major details on troop movements and fleet actions aside, uncovering the External secrets can easily be a campaign in itself. The war ended in with the signing of the Treaty of Concord.


Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Much of their initial involvement has since ended, externzls intelligence having served the Exeat well The Kadarans: It allowed them to establish a kadaran shipyard well away from the main battle zones as a contingency by promising the pirates some of their tech.

Additional Ta-Hro and officers as needed minimum of three per each chor. The sifarv entered the Dbaal alternigy and landed on Ahjaarl, the home world of the thaal. This cobaltblue feathered woman wears a number of kadaran cybiotech implants including a dark plasma cannon on her left arm.

During a supply raid on the moon of Ptars IV, Kaarsar accidentally captured the visiting Patnak Kiisa, with whom he fell hopelessly in love though she only mildly returns his favors for now.

The bareem can paralyze any biological life- Bareem Ecological Data Biochemistry: The sight of these large piercing eyes reflecting light back at their prey freezes more than a few creatures in exyernals tracks.

Star Drive – Wikipedia

Thus, among the Exeat, a ship captain can have his orders changed only by a noble that holds a rank of mirnak or above. Despite her lack of a noble or ecclesiastical rank, Kyanda is a highly exernals member of the Exeat as the primary bodyguard and much-rumored consort of Ython Kadar. Works alternitu Vardye Hellis of the Ptolemy pirates. Among the most common rumors was some ability they altednity to project that made their hand-to-hand weapons hurt more.

While the rank and file follow the dictates of their superiors, their cultural and personal biases follow different lines. Sifarv design their clothes and architecture and ships all with a need for freedom of movement for their wings. Neither can issue orders to the other, though each can make official requests for cooperation.