36, X. 37, X. 38, March , CFG, Blanket statements of conformance are unacceptable for any test results. 39, SIGNATURE, TITLE, DATE. PSW. AIAG Production Part Approval process PPAP 4th Edition Approval of Requirements Team of PPAP Submitted PSW Customer Process Design Requirements I. Hello, in the pdf I can see a new revision from PSW. Have a look at the previous post “AIAG PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

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It evaluates the frequency occurrence based upon observed evidence the formulator has in the design. Upon approval of the submission, the organization shall assure that future production continues to meet all customer requirements. Process technology new to the organization, not previously used for this product.

The customer’s process should identify ajag approval authority.

Production part approval process

Customer part number if applicable. For bulk material and standard catalog pasts, the organization shall formally qualify their product to their design record and submit a PSW when requested by the customer.

Customer Use Only Customer Representative.

When an externallcoinmercial laboratory is used, the organization shall submit the test results on the laboratory letterhead or the normal laboratory report format.

Utilizing product from an approved supplier does not relieve the organization of responsibility for the quality of that product. Retrieved from ” https: Enter the actual weight in kilograms to four significant places. Level 3 – Warrant with product samples and complete supporting data submitted to customer. The process steps at customer plants may be matrixed versus the Pssw Characteristics determined jointly iaag the organization and the customer.

Safety andlor Government Regulation: Therefore, use of Cpkalone may be an incomplete indicator of process performance. Identify the submission level requested by the customer. A separate Appearance Approval Report AAR shall be completed for each part or series of parts if the productipart has appearance requirements on the design record.


E is a location at which value-added manufacturing processes occur. Reasonable to expect that the minor nature of this failure would not cause any real effect on the product or its processing by the customer.

Check the appropriate boxes for dimensional, material tests, performance tests, appearance evaluation, and statistical data. Other methods more appropriate for certain processes or products may be substituted with prior approval from an authorized customer representative. Other bulk materials change with time, but can be precisely quantified by appropriate analytical techniques.

Input the planned date to be in production with the change. PPAP may be required for all components and materials incorporated in the finished product, and may also be required if components are processed by external sub-contractors. For tires, tooling is defined as the tire mold.

Production part approval process – Wikipedia

For bulk materials, this requirement is satisfied by a signed ‘Engineering Approvaly line item on the Bulk Material Requirements Checklist see Appendix F andlor inclusion a customer maintained list of approved materials.

Similar processes have experienced pzw failures, but not in major proportions. Level 4 – Warrant and other requirements as defined by customer. Customer assigned number for organization selling the component.

Part Submission Warrant (PSW)

During manufacture of the bullc material, process parameters are the control characteristics. For products with customer-developed material specifications and a customer-approved supplier list, the organization shall procure materials andlor services e.

Log In Sign Up. Primary Responsibility – Organization: Part number defined by the organization, if any. Failure causing only a slight customer annoyance. Obtaining approval requires the supplier to provide sample parts and documentary evidence showing that: All questions about PPAP should be addressed to the authorized customer representative.


Screening design or ladder evaluation strategically set to develop DOE. Most products will achieve approval prior to initial use. Use alphanumeric or numeric color identification. The Customer has the right to request a at any time to re-qualify a production component. Submission Level that Organization is required to subinit to as defined by the Customer.

Name assigned to Organization’s manufacturing location. Since the product is frequently two products bulk and finishedthere is a shared responsibility for the final product attribute. Controls have a good chance of detecting the existence of the defect before the manufacturing process has been completed. Use the number of the drawing on which the part is shown if different from the part number.

For bulk materials, in addition to checking the appropriate box, check “Other” and write “Bulk Material” in the space provided. Measurements are often destructive in nature and this prevents retesting the same sample.

List all authorized engineering changes not yet incorporated in the design record but which are incorporated in the part. Pzw to customer-specific requirements.

Additional process steps are developed to deal with the failures. The initial process study is focused on variables not attribute data. Mechanisms are generally described as over or under a certain threshold.

The customer may subsequently elect to require a submission for PPAP approval. Bulk materials often require further processing after sampling in order to make a measurement. paw

Level 5 Warrant with product samples and complete supporting data reviewed at the organization’s manufacturing location. Suppliers are required to obtain PPAP approval from the vehicle manufacturers whenever a new or modified component is introduced to production, or the manufacturing process is changed.