AGARICUS MUSCARIUS. By D~. C. E. WtIn~LEI~. This drug study is one of the last worl~ (so far as we know) of the late Dr. Wheeler. ‘I!nIs is a fungus that is. The Guide to Homeopathy. Intro · Product Finder · Children’s Formulas · Shop All · Special Offer. Bulky Product. Agaricus Muscarius 30c. Hover to zoom. The OTC potency range of AGARICUS MUSC is 2x–30x, 1c–30c, c, 1m, 10m, 50m, and CM. Availability is subject to change. All WHP single remedies are.

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Dry fauces and pharynx, causing contraction and difficulty of swallowing, with ravenous appetite. Cutting and pinching pains in the abdomen as from diarrhoea. Respiration difficult, as if the chest were full of blood.

Lancinating, tearing pain in cheeks, as of splinters. Foam about the mouth.

Agaricus muscarius | National Center for Homeopathy

Shivering through the body from above downwards. With it much twitching. The symptoms of poisoning do not develop at once, usually twelve to fourteen hours elapse before the initial attack. Canthi itch, burn, are red, worse from touch, stick together lachrymal fistula. Agagicus coition great weakness and nocturnal sweat.

Agaricus muscarius

Itching and irritation of the parts with strong desire for an embrace. As Agaricus is used in many parts for making an intoxicating drink, we find in alcoholism a sphere for its action, and also in all states of delirium, mania, and even idiocy.


Epilepsy with great exertion of strength. Belonging to a low order of vegetation Agar.

Cardiac region oppressed, as if thorax were narrowed. Rolling of the head is a leading indication for it in brain affections and fever. Twitching, quicksilver sensation, in gluteal muscles. In the morning, a sense of dizziness, and great difficulty in rising.

Eructations alternately with hiccough. Muscarjus 12 to 20 hours after taking it the patient feels all right, but vertigo violent choleraic symptoms with rapid loss of strength with death the second or third day, preceded by stupor and spasms.

On waking, pain in left jaw-joint, so violent, he can scarcely open his mouth. Pressure in the head to the bottom of the brain, increased by pressure agaticus contact of the hair, and accompanied by a complete loss of energy. Tearing in the lower molar teeth, worse from cold air. Perception of relative size of objects is lost, takes long agaficus and jumps over small objects as if they were trunks of trees – a small hole appears as a frightful chasm, a spoonful of water an immense lake.

Tearing in limbs, worse in rest or sitting, better moving. Limbs affected diagonally, left forearm, right thigh, right knee, left hand. Respiration short and labored, with difficulty of walking even slowly.

Piercing pains in different parts of the body, chiefly in the head, with desire for sleep, and faintness when seated. Pulse intermittent and irregular. Paleness and numbness of the fingers, which are, at the same time, very sensitive to cold.


Agreeably with this we find in the provings of Agaricus great sensitiveness to cold air. Pulse weak, dicrotic, intermittent. Itching in the eyes. Neuralgia, as if cold needles ran through mmuscarius or sharp ice touched them.

Tearing pains face, legs continuous while at rest, disappearing while moving about. Sensation of soreness and great weakness in the back. Neuralgic splinter-like agariucs in tongue musdarius salivation.

Tearing in the face and jaw bones. Urine scanty and infrequent. Find out why you should join or renew today!

Arms weak and without vigor. Awfully bearing-down pains almost intolerable. Dull headache from prolonged desk-work. In cold weather, before a thunder-storm. Desire to cover head warmly. Itching and tearing, oppressive pains of genitals and back. Expectoration of small globules of mucus, almost without cough. Great weakness and heaviness in all the limbs.

Great sensibility to cool air. Spasmodic, convulsive, nervous cough, which may provoke secondary hemorrhage. Throws up small flocculi or solid lumps of phlegm almost without any cough. Palpitation with redness of face.

Drinking cold water worse.