AE 385-55 PDF

*This regulation supersedes AE Regulation , 30 June Instructions for Preparing AE Form N and USAREUR Reg ). AE REG · Exercise of Jurisdiction by German Courts and Authorities Over U.S. Personnel // USNAVEUR Instruction F/USAFE Instruction AE , 13 July , Driver and Vehicle Requirement and the AE , 13 February , Prevention of Motor-Vehicle Accidents h.

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Military and Civilian Sponsorship. Supersedes AE Regulation2 Junesubject: Deployment and Redeployment Operations. Army in Europe Enterprise Content Management.

Civilian Personnel Overseas Allowances. Military Justice and Legal Operations Status: Tactical Overwater Operations Status: Civilian Employee Timekeeping in the Army in Europe.

Merit Promotion and Placement. Sending State Forces Activities and Coordination. Army in Europe Regulations. Military Awards and Decorations Status: Page 1 of 1. Preparing Army in Europe Publications. Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Policy and Procedures. Management, Acquisition, and Use of Nontactical Vehicles. Army Hearing Program—Europe Status: Army Materiel Maintenance Policy Status: Provision of Alternate Facilities in Germany Status: Army in Europe Paired Communities.


Provision of Alternate Facilities in Germany.

Community Central In- and Outprocessing Status: Reporting Births, Deaths, and Diseases. Installation Access Control Status: Environmental Guidance for Military Exercises.

Paintball Programs and Events in Germany Status: Army Materiel Maintenance Policy. Appendixes D and E available only in English version. Ar, United States Army Europe. Army in Europe Environmental Quality Program.

Private Organizations and Fundraising Policy. Army in Europe Information Assurance Status: Training and Leader Development in Europe Status: Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program. Civilian Personnel Overseas Allowances Status: Local National Screening Program in Germany. Military Justice and Legal Operations.

AR 385-55 Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Supersedes AE Reg10 Aprilsubject: Paintball Programs and Events in Germany. Reporting Births, Deaths, and Diseases Status: Forces Operations on Foreign Territory.

International and Other Agreements. Command Dangerous Goods Program. The Army in Europe Publishing Program. On-Post Commercial Solicitation Status: Canteens for Local National Personnel.

Army in Europe Regulations

Community Central In- and Outprocessing. Blood-Alcohol Testing of U. New publication with 30 June version. Information Systems Security Monitoring. Preparing Army in Europe Publications Status: