With his book, Abusing Science, Kitcher takes his place beside such eloquent champions of Darwin’s theory as Thomas Huxley and Clarence Darrow. “Abusing Science” is a manual for intellectual self-defense, the most complete available for presenting the case against Creationist pseudo-science. It is also a . “This book is not, therefore, an attempt to debunk religion. Nor does it critize those who accept a literal reading of the. Genesis account of.

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This is another book dealing with ‘Creation Science’. Content, Computation, and Externalism. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

In spite of being over 35 years old at this point, the book holds up very well, not least because Creationist arguments never die, they just smell worse and worse with age. However, this one does a great job in providing the reader with why Science and Creationism are kitcner the same kind of knowledge why Creationism should not be taught along side Evolution.

Chapter 6 discusses evolution in the school, Creationist degrees real and bogus, and out-of-context quotes. This book is old, but the creationist argument are all still mostly the same lies and misinformation, scence plain old bullcrap.

Kitcher gives a succinct description of how scientists embark on their research, demonstrating how “Scientific Creationism” falls short of the ideals of excellent science. In Chapters 2 and 3, the author philosophizes. The book is a little technical for average readership; but well worth riding out.

You really get the impression that he tried to see things from all sides without being overly dogmatic about the issues. Michael Ruse abuslng – Studies in Philosophy and Education 10 1: History of Western Philosophy.


Sign in Create an account. Apparently amidst all his philosophy of science texts he also wrote a book on Finnegans Wake. History of Western Philosophy. Massimo Pigliucci – – In A.

Kitcher, at every turn, does his best to assign nothing but good faith to the creationist camp; even while completing the quotes they have taken out of context, and while filling in the blanks for all of the vital qualifying statements made by the misquoted scientists abused by their creationist fellows. See all 32 reviews.

Last, but not least, Kitcher demonstrates the religious origins of “Scientific Creationism”. This supposed philosopher of science has a more distorted view of science than the creationists kiycher criticizes. Return to Book Page. Philosophy of Science 51 2: If you are interested in getting a deep appreciation of the relevant issues, as well as maybe sharpening some useful philosophical tools, you’ll kihcher this book.

Kitcher is a philosopher of science, and philosophers have the unfortunate tradition of being bad writers–not Kitcher. Finally, it destroys pretty much all reason for studying biology by moving the development of life from the natural, to supernatural realms.

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This article has no associated abstract. Kitcher does not focus on these issues, but after all, it was never the scope of his book to do so. Christopher Peacocke – – Mind and Language 9 3: Indeed, the price of admission is several years of graduate education, during which the chief dogmas abusibg inculcated.


Abusing Science–The Case against Creationism

Philip Kitcher – – Philosophy of Science 51 2: Lists with This Book. Quotes from Abusing Science: Showing of 32 reviews. No keywords specified fix it. Want to Read saving…. A lot of well-reasoned arguments.

Philip Kitcher & Marcel C. La Follette, Abusing Science: The Case against Creationism – PhilPapers

The Case of Creationism. History of Biology in Philosophy of Biology. There is no reference to ID whatsoever. Pennock – – MIT Press.

Chapter 2 explains simply and lucidly what science is and what the evolutionary theory is all about. The Case Against Creationism”. The Problems with Creationism. Sign in Create an account. Chapter 5 expounds the various types of creationism extant and their indeed very limited propositive claims. Anyone who is interested in the development sience life should read this. Request removal from index. Creationism, Science, and the Law by Marcel C.

Science Logic and Mathematics. Jenny Ashford rated it it was amazing Apr 14, It qbusing no useful predictions about observed, or unobserved phenomena. But it adds to the force of Kitcher’s rebuttal that even taking the most charitable approachCreationism fails utterly at being remotely scientific.

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